My journey started over 20 years ago.  My boss told me that he didn’t eat sugar.  This fascinated me and I became a label reader.  I was shocked at how many foods had sugar in them.  Years later I became a vegan. This furthered my interest in food.  I tried many veggies that I had never tried before.   I watched several documentaries like Forks over Knives.  I was shocked at how our food had become so contaminated.  And how large farming practices were detrimental to the land and water.  I came to believe that clean food is truly medicine.

A few years ago friend at work turned me on to Gehringer Community Garden.  A year later Alex joined GCG.  The tomatoes were particularly amazing and this got Alex thinking.  He pitched me his idea about growing greens modeled off Curtis Stone and away we went.

My goal is to grow clean food for our local community and to educate people about growing their own medicine.  Farming is challenging and frustrating at times, but it is fulfilling.  I enjoy working with my hands and solving the puzzles that arise.  It’s amazing to eat food that you have grown from seed.  To get so much bounty from such a tiny seed never ceases to amaze. And it’s very exciting when people tell us how much they enjoy our produce.  That is ultimately what makes farming worth it…the happiness it brings to others and the joy you see in their faces.  I have a lot of people that ask me about my eating habits and healthy eating in general.  The educational part of our mission is of particular interest to me.  I’m always surprised by how much misinformation is out there about food.  I am no longer vegan, but I try to follow a whole food plant based diet and eat meat very sparingly.