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Alexander Ellison

My journey began when I joined an amazing community garden called Gehringer Gardens, located in Concord, CA. There, I started small with a single plot full of weeds and quickly got to work. I had no experience with gardening but I had always enjoyed…

Erin Eno

Erin Eno


Erin completed FGF’s Beginning Farmers program in 2018 where she learned organic practices on a 12 acre organic farm. During this time, her passion for farming and eagerness to start her own farm became apparent. Wildly impressed with her show of passion and dedication,…

Anthony San Marchi

My journey started over 20 years ago.  My boss told me that he didn’t eat sugar.  This fascinated me and I became a label reader.  I was shocked at how many foods had sugar in them.  Years later I became a vegan. This furthered…